A Global Outlook Digital Economy Forum

Digital Economy Forum Forum dell’Economia Digitale is Greece’s foremost international event for Digital Economy, hosted by SEPE. Touted as a year-round commitment to supporting economic growth around the world, the Forum convenes leading economic thinkers, policy makers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. ATCOM, a prominent member of SEPE and staunch supporter & partner of this industry-oriented association, was responsible for designing and implementing the official digital event website for the coming event. Amongst numerous other guests of honor, prominent Greek politicians, financial experts, Oxfam representatives, and even the European Central Bank (ECB), were scheduled to participate in the forum in order to offer their views on economic issues.

Digital Economy Forum

The Digital Economy Forum also serves as an important venue where various enterprises and companies in the field of e-business and digital technologies converge to share information and ideas. The latest innovations and features in such topics as automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing have attracted the attention of participants and speakers alike, thus making Digital Economy Forum an invaluable venue for business people attending the annual event. Presiding over this two-day event, which takes place in the grounds of Panteliki University, Greece, are some of the brightest minds from all across the Aegean region and invited speakers include renowned economists, venture capitalists, software developers, finance gurus, and corporate executives. However, it is the renowned speakers who are sought out to deliver inspiring insights and practical recommendations, and not the mere opinions of each keynote speaker, whose mere presence at the event is deemed of little importance.

As a host country, Greece has been instrumental in hosting a number of important international events, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), the East Mediterranean region, and the Electronic Europe Network (EEN). However, perhaps its greatest contribution towards shaping the digital economy is the extensive support given to the Athens Economic Forum. Since its inception in 2021, this highly popular and prestigious event has enabled business people in Athens and throughout the Greek islands to exchange views, experience new trends, and come up with fresh ideas to propel the economy of the country. With its goal of facilitating dialogue between industry and academia on economic issues, the Athens Economic Forum encourages both sides to engage in productive discussions and exchanges, thereby boosting growth and employment opportunities, as well as boosting investor confidence. This forum also promotes cooperation among different service sectors, such as the private, public, and non-profit sectors, thereby contributing to the overall development of the economy.

As part of this acceleration process, leading think tanks and other specialized institutes conduct workshops and seminars, as well as imparting knowledge and educating students on the latest innovations and advanced digital technologies. The Digital Economy Forum’s mission is to elevate awareness on high-level policy issues, while equipping the Greek government and policy makers with the requisite skills and knowledge on how to transform the economy. Besides facilitating dialogue between industry and academia, the forum also empowers local governments, agencies, and institutions to take proactive steps to implement the transforming reforms in the market. This serves as an important step in ensuring that the policies become a reality by empowering local businesses and giving them the opportunity to compete effectively in the international market.

The Digital Economy Forum is closely associated with the High-Level Policy Forum (HLP), which is a partnership between the Hellenic government and the European Commission. Through this forum, a new perspective on how to implement the digital transformation in Greece is being developed, with the shared vision of the EU and the Hellenic government to accelerate the adoption of the measures. The forum was established by the National Institute of Management and Finance (NIMF) in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of finance and the European commission, in support of the digital transformation policy framework for the country. The Forum will be hosting the second International Conference on Transformative Policies and will run from the beginning of next year until the end of the next year.

The second International Conference on Transformative Policies will be attended by the likes of economists from all over the world including the United States, Japan, China, India, and other major economies. Featured in the second session of the Forum will be a discussion on the latest developments in the post-corona accelerating transformation policy area. The keynote speaker for the first session will be George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and self-professed “humanitarian”. Mr. Soros has been a strong supporter of the EU and its economic policies. He has also been a strong critic of the bailout package put forth by the European Union and its European governments, which could see many aspects of it being rolled back or completely eradicated.