Lawn Man Winnipeg

Lawn Man Winnipeg

The Lawn Man Winnipeg is a legendary figure in the history of lawn care. He may not be as well-known as the other guys mentioned below, but no matter what – he deserves your respect if you’re one of his many fans. The following of this list (and maybe others) will crown him the greatest lawn-man in history:

5. Rob Pringle – First off, though he was born and raised in Winnipeg, Rob Pringle actually spent much of his childhood in southern Ontario. While he’s always acknowledged to having Canadian heritage, it seems that whenever anyone mentions Rob Pringle’s name they are referencing one of his many films. One such movie is A Christmas Story, which is set in the Manitoba town of Strathcona. While it wasn’t exactly a “star” role, it must have been one of the best of Pringle’s career – and it certainly has a wonderful cast that includes Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Edward Estlin and John Ritter.

4. Bill Byther – While he might not be quite as famous as some of the others on this list (such as Bob Hoskins or Bruce Almighty), Bill Byther is a name that just about everyone in the country can recognize. In fact, he is probably most well-known for his role as the “ardy man” in an episode of “Happy Days.” If you don’t remember this show, it’s probably because you were too young to have seen it – but even if you did catch it, you’d never guess that byther was an actor.

3. Bobby Flay – As one of the original “Hartley clan” members, Bobby Flay sure seemed to fit the bill. No small part in that role of course, as he played the father of young Anne Hartley (Tina Majorino). After the show ended in the seventies, Bobby Flay continued to act, playing various roles in various movies. Many of them were comedies, but there were also some more serious dramas as well.

2. Maxime Bouquet – Probably the most well-known of the Bouquet brothers, Maxime was in a whole lot of movies and also appeared on television. He is best known to most people as the son of Fabian and Wimbeldon (the very same men who created “Foo Dog”). It’s easy to see why he fits into the role of lawn care expert so easily. His personality is always cheerful and happy, but always in a respectful way.

The lawn of Winnipeg is one that need to be maintained fairly regularly – and this is an excellent job for any man or woman from any background. Even better, being a lawn care expert is something that not only anyone can do but which anyone can become very good at with the right training and some dedication. Anyone who does lawn work should consider themselves lucky, and proud to have such a wonderful profession to help others maintain their lawns.