Luxury Sobha Villas in the City of Gurgaon

The name of the company and property management company that have converted our old Sobha villas is “Sobha villas”. We are fortunate to have been able to help them with this wonderful project. The company has made it their business to convert unused or idle properties into energy efficient, luxurious and beautiful apartments and residential spaces that will meet the needs of the people living in it. They also go out to find new tenants and develop strategic alliances with other like-minded companies to share in the property development process.

sobha villas

Project Name: Sobha Villas To Remodel and Transform. Builder Name: sobha international city. Project Type: Residential. Project Location: Gurgaon. Amenities to be provided: None! Just a perfect place to live!

The property for sale includes two gurgaon properties each having its own well-planned set of facilities. The properties with the master plan by S.L. Associates include a beautiful, luxurious and exclusively villa community spread across 7 acres of land with all modern amenities including a fully furnished house with a swimming pool, a gymnasium, an exclusive swimming pool and a lush garden. The other gurgaon property with this same developer is a small scale property with a similar set of facilities but with lesser floor area. The developers have managed to fit in a large swimming pool and an excellent gymnasium.

Both these properties have been converted into fully furnished, luxurious apartments complete with all the modern facilities including a pool and a well designed and furnished house on the second floor. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the modern appliances. They are surrounded by a lush garden and even a small dog park. Both the properties are surrounded by a stunning expanse of greenery and both the properties are conveniently located at the heart of a bustling international city like gurgaon. They are easily accessible from both the Gurgaon and the dark expressway.

The luxurious apartments have been equipped with separate living areas and bedrooms with their own terraces and balconies. The villa is spread across an area of approximately 19 acres, which has been divided into three parts namely the rear yard, the living room and the bedroom. The rear lawns are fully decorated and beautifully manicured and have a beautiful pond in the back. The living area is provided with two plush sofas and a sofa bed. The large swimming pool and the deck, both with their own terraces and balconies, provide an ideal setting for entertaining guests.

The other villa segment, the luxurious five bedroom Gurgaon villa has been arranged like a house. All the bedrooms have been provided with their own bathrooms and spacious balconies. They also have a guest bath with a heated towel rack. The villa is well furnished with every requirement under the sun. It has been conveniently built on to a high rise building and hence is well shielded from the vagaries of weather. The luxurious flat screen television has been strategically placed in the living room which provides entertainment to the occupants of the Gurgaon apartments.

These spacious properties are well equipped with a spa and a fitness centre attached to them. This gives the residents of the Gurgaon apartments the facility of indulging in all kinds of outdoor activities whether they like to relax or engage in a full-scale workout. The spacious property also offers a swimming pool, an artificial lake, a clubhouse, a bar, a restaurant and a library. The luxury apartments are well furnished with top notch fittings and are equipped with all types of appliances required for a comfortable stay. You can make your payment plan according to your preferences and can avail your Gurgaon villa as per your convenience.

The Gurgaon apartments which are provided by the owners with a name like “Sobha Vila” are fully furnished with every amenity needed in a five star hotel. You will get a two bedroom villa with a spacious rooftop that faces the shimmering golden sand sea. The pool and the terrace are open spaces which provide the residents with a breathtaking view of the sea and the green fields. If you are ready to explore the stunning features of Gurgaon along with some time spent with your family or friends, you can hire a private chauffer driven car to reach your destination at any time of the day.