Outdoor Living Canberra Decks

“We have been a long standing, local company for over 16 years, providing excellence in home and garden accessories and products. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is very important and we are committed to delivering the best customer service to all of our customers.  Canberra decks and patio furniture is designed to be long lasting and to withstand high levels of usage. “We believe that our range of products is designed to provide many years of enjoyment, and that our designs will enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.” Canberra Decks and Patio Furniture

“We are always delighted to be able to create new terrace and deck ideas from the most unique materials and fabrics available,” says Karen. “We have an excellent, knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always ready to help you through every step of the way. They are available to answer your questions at any time of the day or night. You can view the latest product lines online, and there is even the opportunity to go into the shop and have a look yourself. Our sales staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and you can get along very well with them.”

“We have chosen to design a beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly product line that will be perfect for people who want a simple, low maintenance deck or patio accessory that looks fantastic but offers little in the way of design features or luxury,” continued Karen. “The result is a deck and patio combination that is as functional as it is attractive, while at the same time being something very different from a standard garden pergola. The end result is an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed by family and friends.” Canberra Decks and Patio Furniture

“This year, we have had many wonderful clients who have come to see our Canavan Parkhouse deck and patio furniture, which really impressed them and got them talking about it with their friends and colleagues. Our customers have talked about their friends and relatives seeing the incredible beauty of this deck and patio and feeling like it was a place where they could relax and enjoy themselves,” continued Karen. “That’s what it’s all about for us, creating a really warm and inviting atmosphere so that our guests feel comfortable and welcome, even before they sit down to enjoy their meal or a snack with friends and family.”

This innovative and extremely hardworking team has continually worked to create the best possible customer service and quality product range. Each product is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment and the heavy usage that these products are put through each and every day. In addition, each piece of deck furniture is manufactured to ensure that it is completely UV protected. They do not use any toxic paints or finishes. There are no defects or flaws, as these are impossible to spot in a store. These clients are absolutely amazed at the incredible quality and design of the cangow apartments and their stunning patio furnishings that they’ve created.

“We were absolutely blown away when we saw the amazing designs of the furniture for our Canavan Parkhouse patio and deck. There was simply nothing else that could compare to what we saw when we visited their showroom. The staff there were friendly, professional and extremely helpful, making it easy to have the best experience possible on our visit. They made it easy to discuss ideas with them and they were always on the phone to answer any questions that we may have. They are enthusiastic and always eager to please, which made everything so easy for us to work with them on our design for our Canavan Parkhouse renovation. From the moment that we took our first look at the gorgeous and durable outdoor furniture, we knew that it was going to be the perfect addition to our new home in Canberra.”