Siteground – A Great Choice for Web Hosting For Small Businesses


SiteGround is a prominent web hosting business based in Sofia, Bulgaria. As of late January 2010, it offers hosting for more than 2,500,000 websites worldwide. It offers dedicated server, clustered server, reseller, managed service, virtual private server, collocation, cloud hosting and free web hosting.

At present, Siteground has become one of the leading providers of website hosting service. With the growing popularity, its customer service has also improved drastically. The staff is responsive and professional, thus resulting in prompt solutions to problem. Siteground offers a money back guarantee to its customers if they are not satisfied with the service. In addition, Siteground uses only high quality servers, resulting in fast uptime.

The e-commerce platform provided by Siteground is based on the PHP platform and is known for its robust and secure performance. With the site design tools and features, Siteground can provide its customers with a complete range of functionalities such as RSS feeds, blog tools, shopping carts and blogs, an online store, product catalogues and reviews, contact and customer service systems, and a large variety of professional templates. The most popular feature of the e-commerce platform provided by Siteground is the multi-site capability. Siteground provides the customers with an efficient and cost-effective web hosting service.

Another key feature that makes Siteground stand out is its extensive range of site tools and functionalities that include things like Site Detail, Error Logger, SSL/TLS Check, CSHTML editor, CSSA compliant SSL certificates, and more. Another advantage of the e-commerce website hosting service offered by Siteground is its extensive range of monthly and daily backups. The Siteground daily backup facility allows you to create backup files in a different location other than your website. The monthly backup option lets you automatically backup your data every month. If any problem occurs during the backup or if there is any malfunction in the server, you can easily recover your data using the backup facility.

Although, Siteground is relatively cheaper than most of the other paid hosting solutions in the market today, it still offers the customers with a number of benefits and features that make it more attractive and appealing to potential clients. Most of the customers who are looking for an affordable and reliable option often turn to cloud hosting. Siteground uses the cloud computing concept to provide its customers with a cost-efficient solution for their web application needs. This is a big advantage for small businesses who are looking forward to build their online business.

The benefits that Siteground provides its customers with also help them to reduce the operating costs, with the use of managed services. Customers are assured of uptime and security as well. Since the service provider is experienced and well equipped with experienced technical team, they can provide their clients with assurance about their uptime and security. This is why Siteground have become very popular among the internet marketers and website owners over the past few years.

WordPress is now the most popular CMS (content management system) which is highly flexible and easy to use. Many people think that it is difficult to set up a blog on WordPress but Siteground offers easy to install wordpress hosting plans for small businesses. This means that even a person with little or no experience in setting up wordpress websites can do it with ease. Another benefit that you get with the used and pre configured wordpress hosting plan is that you can easily create unlimited blogs on the site and personalize them according to your preferences. To increase your online presence and to generate more traffic, you can also opt for the preconfigured viral video WordPress plug-in, which can help you to optimize your videos for better results and increase traffic to your sites.

On the other hand, Siteground offer a fully managed and secure VPS (virtual private server) which comes with unlimited monthly data transfers and secure PHP security. VPS allows you to create as many sites as you want and customize them according to your needs and to grow your business by providing you with high performance web server. You get to enjoy excellent control over the code and also the ability to install various plugins and applications. With the used and pre configured Siteground plan, you can also easily and quickly scale your business with unlimited traffic and high uptime.